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Marbling: What Can I Do With It?

Have you ever wondered what you could do with marbling? Check out this free video for ideas to tease your imagination!



Marbling Supply Kit

This marbling kit provides supplies you need to begin your marbling practice. Included are 6 colors, alum, methyl cellulose, pipettes, marbling surfactant, and a cup holder with cups. Also included are directions and a variety of tools



Marbling 101

Learn the basics of marbling in this short video.  See how to drop paint on the surface, draw through with found objects, placing the paper on the size, lifting to reveal print. 



Stone Pattern

Now we dive deeper into  specific patterns.


This lesson talks about  the stone pattern, which is the beginning of all patterns. 



Bull's Eye

Prepare to have your socks knocked off with this pattern!

Preview the video for free!



Advanced GelGet Pattern

Learn the process for creating the traditional gelgit pattern. You will receive a a video link. Check out and choose a day, it's only a formality.



 Private Marbling Instruction

One Hour

You will have a private, one hour zoom session with Pam as she instructs you on various tools and how to use them to create  historical patterns,.

Time and Day TBD




Non Pareil Design

Now we dive deeper into  specific patterns.


This lesson talks about  the non pareil pattern, building on the previously learned gelgit.

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Watch the video at your leisure.


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 Private Marbling Instruction

Two Hours

You will have a private, two hour zoom session with Pam as she instructs you on more complicated patterns and the steps to acheive them.

 Troubleshooting common marbling problems will be addressed as well.

Time and Day TBD



Kitchen Papermaking

Stuck at home with nothing to do!? 


This kid friendly video shows how to make paper using tin cans, scrap papers and a kitchen blender. 


Register and your confirmation email will have the link to the video.

Choose any Day for the video link. Watch as much as you want.


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