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Hey There, Pam Here!

Who is Pam and why am I so passionate about marbling??


First off, I am a retired elementary art teacher with 30 years of teaching experience not only instructing elementary age students, but leading all age of adults in multiple media.

I adore teaching and watching the faces as they are learning new creative ways to express their feelings.


Marbling, I’m in love with this process!! It is success oriented for novice with no art experience to the skilled artist. Demonstrating how I create scarves to the public is also rewarding. One gentleman came in as I was beginning to drop paint. He exclaimed over the paint expanding, when I drew through floating colors to form new shapes. He was catapulted when the design was captured on silk and disappeared from the surface. That is one of many moments etched in my brain about the value of experiencing art in a live format!!


Then I have an avocation which is equally fascinating-fossils.  Yes, when I am not creating gorgeous silk scarves or set-up selling them, I go to southeastern beaches and look for Pleistocene era fossils. From shark teeth to mammals like mastodon and mammoth to smaller mammals like horse and camel, the thrill of finding a piece of history washed up on the shore is equally thrilling!! One of my best finds is a saber tooth feline carnassial—meat cutting tooth!! These are rarer than Megalodon teeth!!


My husband, Bob, and I have been collecting fossils for 38 years on our anniversary. We taught our son, Ashby, the basics, in 2013 after graduating from college. He has far exceeded our knowledge today, yet he encouraged us to write a book on fossil identification. We have since all collaborated on the first ever color field guide to fossil identification titled “A Beachcomber’s Guide to Fossils.” It was published in 2020.

Bob wrote --- Species Highlight Stories

Ashby photographed all the specimens and wrote the scientific descriptions.

I wrote all the Did You Knows? from a non science person point of view and illustrated 5 plus hand drawn illustrations. 

Here is a link to buy the book:





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