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The Blue Ridge Mountains are, in my opinion, the most beautiful mountains and were born over 400 million years ago in the Silurian Period, in the Paleozoic Era.  A little later at 320 million years ago, North America and Europe collided pushing up the Blue Ridge and they were among the highest mountains in the world, comparable to the Alps at the time. 

These Blue Ridge Mountains are composed of quartz rock - formed at intense heat and pressure, gneiss rock - a metamorphic rock also formed with heat and pressure, and granite rock which forms from magma that slowly cools down near the earth’s crust. These are some tough rocks which erode at a snail’s pace.

Now, millions of years later, as well as many cycles of seasons of winds, rains, freeze, and thaw sessions, our beloved mountains have worn down to the softly curved mountain ranges which we see today when we crest the top!! Vegetation abounds with trees - evergreen and deciduous, undergrowth bushes, and herb layers add to the warmth of these elevations. 


The best and highest peak in the ridge is just north of Asheville. Mount Mitchell is merely 6,684 feet (2,037 m) high and still the highest peak east of the Mississippi River in the US. It is a favorite destination with tourists and residents alike anytime of the year especially in fall, when the variety of leaf colors is mind numbing!!


Wrap the warmth of these ancient hills around your neck and stand firmly!!


This silk scarf is 15" x 60" in width and length.

Blue Ridge Mountains 22

  • The scarf is 15 x 60", 100% silk habotai scarf.  The fabric is a smooth, airy silk.

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