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While teaching recently at John C Campbell Folk School in western North Carolina, a student came back to where I was eating outside and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt but you have to see this mushroom!!”


No kidding!! What layman would think this was a mushroom??


It has a fascinating shape to say the least and does not look like your typical toadstool or fungus.  While researching it, I found lots of scientific info which makes my eyes glaze over!!


So, for this scarf inspiration, I am enjoying the star shape and placing three at each end of the rectangle. Additionally, I am transported back to my youth when Jefferson Starship was on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1970’s. The lyrical, easy rock music plays in my head while I observed the shape and then created these beautiful silks!!


Don’t be afraid of dreaming and wrap this peace inducing fabric around your shoulders!! Believe in miracles coming to you every time you wear this!!


Therefore, each design created is different than the one before it.


I washed the scarf first to rid the fabric of manufacturing residue, then soaked the fabric in alum to fix the pigments on the scarf.  The 17th Century process of marbling is a dry garment to wet surface transfer.


After the scarf has been left to drip dry and rest for 7 days, then I carefully wash out the extra gel and paints to return the scarf to it's "soft as silk" nature!

Earth Star Mushroom

  • The scarf is 22 x 72", 100% silk habotai scarf.  The fabric is a smooth, airy silk.

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