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Gneiss Rock (Nice)

So, millions of years ago, you were molten liquid rock that was spewed from the nearby volcano. You were blown sky high and landed on some dirt far away to cool. And there you sat for another million years, la-ti-da, what were you to do?? Next, came this big upheaval of the dirt you were lying on and it started folding and twisting and then getting smaller through pressure and boy, is it getting hot!! 


After a long cool down, you metaphorically turned a mirror on yourself and neighbors to find how you were changed!! Now, you have all these gneiss (nice) bands of black and white which twist and turn throughout your surface!! Yay! Now you have character.


Gneiss rock is a common metamorphic rock formed when high temperature and high pressure processes exert concentrated strength on igneous and sedimentary rocks in the ancient crusts of continental shelves of the ice age.


So, these rocks inspired this series on the soft as silk scarves! Gently wrap the strength of this rock solid beauty around your neck when going out to face a new day.


Feel the power and strength it gives you!!


Therefore, each design created is different than the one before it.


I washed the scarf first to rid the fabric of manufacturing residue, then soaked the fabric in alum to fix the pigments on the scarf.  The 17th Century process of marbling is a dry garment to wet surface transfer.


After the scarf has been left to drip dry and rest for 7 days, then I carefully wash out the extra gel and paints to return the scarf to it's "soft as silk" nature!

Gneiss Rocks (Nice)

  • The scarf is 22 x 72", 100% silk habotai scarf.  The fabric is a smooth, airy silk.

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