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    2016                                        Instructor at John C. Campbell Folk School

  • 2015                                        Introduction to Papermaking for all Ages, Presented at                                                    NCAEA conference in Asheville, NC

  • 2014                                        Presentation on Including Common Core Vocabulary in                                                    age level appropriate rubrics.

  • 2013                                        Exhibition of Paper Lamps at Updraft Gallery, Asheville,                                                    NC

  • 2010                                        Introduction to Papermaking for all Ages, Presented at                                                    NCAEA conference in Asheville, NC

  • 2009                                        Presented “Cherokee Spirit Dolls Workshop” at NC Art                                                      Educators Conference in Winston-Salem, NC

  • 2007                                        Presented “Art instruction into the 21st Century” at NC                                                    Art Educators conference in Wilmington NC

  • 2004                                        Achieved National Board Certification

  • 2002-2004                              Art Instructor, Super Saturday Program for Gifted,                                                            UNCA

  • 1999 to 2016                         Art Instructor, Brevard Elementary, Brevard, NC

  • 1997-1998                             Summer Arts Instructor, Art Camp, Four Seasons Art                                                       Center, Hendersonville, NC

  • 1997                                       Summer Arts Instructor, Summer Discovery, Carolina                                                       Day School

  • 1996-1999                             Substitute Teacher, Buncombe County Schools

  • 1994-2002                             Arts Coordinator, Camp Renaissance, Renaissance                                                           Institute, Washington, DC

  • 1994-Present                        Freelance Art Instructor, Full Time Hand Paper Maker

  • 1986-1993                            Arts Coordinator for Beaufort (SC) County Recreation                                                      Department

  • 1986                                      Art Instructor for Stratford College

  • 1985                                      Sales Assistant with Joe De Mers Gallery (currently John                                                  Stobart Gallery) Hilton Head Island, SC

  • 1978-1985                            Art Instructor, Greenville (SC) County School District

  • 1978                                      Graduation from Limestone College with a BA degree in                                                  Art Education

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