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In today's stressful environment, many people are looking for a brief escape.

At Majik Studios, our affordable marbling painting classes help students turn their tension and worries into a work of art either on paper or fabric.



Find out how relaxing marbling can be!

Come with no expectations or art experience.

Leave relaxed, refreshed, and empowered by new learning!


Meet Pam

Pam Granger Gale has over 30 years of experience in teaching all ages of humans many different art forms in North and South Carolina.


After retiring in 2016, she decided to focus on her love of marbling, the ancient art of floating paint. Transferring it to paper and fabric is majikal. 


Pam opened a physical studio in Majik Studios on Coxe Ave, and closed after COVID happened in 2020 and broken wrist limited her movement. 

Pam is now a guest marbling artist at art studios around Western NC, including the prestigious John C. Campbell Folk School.

Accepted in to the renown Southern Highland Craft Guild, Pam's patterned marbled accessories stand out with distinct seasonal color palettes in three of the galleries. 


Media Marbling Instructor

Harness creativity from our
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Bethann | McAllen, TX

 [Pam] is very passionate about her craft, which made the 3 of us “newbies” just as excited .We each went home with pieces of art and our silk scarf. Each time I wear my scarf, I will remember what a great day we had.

Vicky | South Carolina

My husband and I spent a few wonderful hours learning beginning techniques for marbling. Our instructor, Pam, is very knowledgeable and skilled in this technique, and best of all she is an excellent instructor for novices.


Three Tips Every Marbler Knows

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