Welcome to Majik Studios 207!

We now are offering limited in person classes and creative experiences. We request that everyone mask up because we are in a closed space and with the recent uptick of the Delta variant of COVID, every one's safety is our concern!

In the meantime, view Majik Studios207 you tube channel. Fun and informative marbling videos are free to watch and spark your creativity.


Meet our Instructor:


Media Marbling Instructor

Harness creativity from our
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Bethann | McAllen, TX

 [Pam] is very passionate about her craft, which made the 3 of us “newbies” just as excited .We each went home with pieces of art and our silk scarf. Each time I wear my scarf, I will remember what a great day we had.

Joylovoy | Asheville, NC

Janice and I had a wonderful time together and I was thrilled with learning the steps and process of doing a watercolor. Janice helped me recognize the meditative characteristics of watercolor...

Jacque D | Asheville, NC

Great learning experience for my girls!

We have taken classes with Julie. She works well with kids and puts a lot of effort into arranging a time that works for students.