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A Special Day on March 26!

I was humbled to present this check on behalf of all my followers who purchased a Ukrainian colored marbled scarf. The full amount of $1910

was directed to the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA). Member, Andrea Kulish, was present to accept the check on March 26.

The UNWLA newsletter states that from February 24 to March 26, we raised $756,760 from over 4200 individual donations. In the last two weeks, this funding has been used for several urgent humanitarian projects

in Ukraine:

  • $25K was sent to AICM, our trusted partner that works tirelessly to supply towns, isolated by intense shelling, with medicines, food parcels, hygienic kits, generators, and drinking water.

  • $10K was allocated for the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro which continues to serve the needs of the wounded. We also sent medicine and medical supplies to the Vasylkiv outpatient clinic and to a hospital in Mykolaiv, both of which had been bombed.

  • $10K is allocated to our partner Initiative

E+ which, with commendable mobility and its extraordinary volunteers, helps both the wounded soldiers and civilians.

  • Another $200k has been allocated for the second shipment of fixators for Ukrainian hospitals. This equipment is almost impossible to find in Ukraine or in neighboring countries, and we are grateful to our partners who enable us to send this high-quality equipment to where it is needed most.

And the fundraising continues. Partnering with the Asheville Tennis Association, Majik Studios created over 20 more scarves and over 40 pocket squares to raise more funds for UNWLA during the Billie Jean King Cup tennis tournament at Harrah’s Cherokee Center in Asheville April 15-16.

Why?? The Ukrainian Women’s tennis team is playing here, and my blue and gold colored scarves and pocket squares will be worn and waved in support of the people and their country’s flag colors!!

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