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Nature provides many growing instances of love out in the world around us. This sweet red bud tree is sprouting in our backyard near a shed. I have watched it become bigger in this limited space all summer, yet I have enjoyed every day it was showing love through the heart shaped leaves.


The red bud tree was noted by Spaniards who made comparisons between the New World species and their cousins in the Mediterranean region in 1571. Cercis canadensis is native to North America and Canada, can you see the similar name above? And its tree cousins live in Europe and Asia.


Centuries later, George Washington reported in his diary often about the beauty of the tree and spent many hours in his garden transplanting seedlings obtained from the nearby forest. 


With the rich history of this tree spreading love for centuries, shouldn’t we continue the trend??


Wrap love around your shoulders with this bright airy silk!!

Thanks to for additional information.


Each design created is different than the one before it.


I washed the scarf first to rid the fabric of manufacturing residue, then soaked the fabric in alum to fix the pigments on the scarf.  The 17th Century process of marbling is a dry garment to wet surface transfer.


After the scarf has been left to drip dry and rest for 7 days, then I carefully wash out the extra gel and paints to return the scarf to it's "soft as silk" nature!

Connect with Love

  • The scarf is 22 x 72", 100% silk habotai scarf.  The fabric is a smooth, airy silk.

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