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Want to have fun this holiday season with your family?  Why not try marbling your own ornaments??

This kit provides--
•    Methyl Cellulose—enough for 1 gallon
•    5 Paints-2 oz=white, red, yellow, green, blu
•    1 oz marbling surfactant
•    6 pipettes
•    5 cups
•    Skewer tools
•    Marbling directions for eggs
•    4 eggs
•    1 loaf pan
•    Newspaper strips
•    Video instruction link

You will be hooked in no time and want more items to marble.


Check out my you tube channel @majikstudios207 for inspiration!

Marbling Easter Egg fun! | 4 eggs | Methyl cellulose | Five Pai

  • This is also a fun way to create memories in 2023.

    Creating the ornaments together equal quality family time!!

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