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On each handmade paper piece is a  collection of money plant "coins" giving the appearance that the coins are falling from heaven.  


A friend gave me a bunch of these dried leaves and I think the "coins" give a subtle texture to my abaca paper.


Watch this video to learn the papermaking process:
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Watch this slideshow of pictures showing how a similar lamp was created:
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Pennies From Heaven Modern Natural Hand Made Paper Lighting Lantern

  • My modern, Pennies From Heaven, hand made paper lighting will be a contemporary addition to a small table or night stand, giving your home a warm cozy feel.  I have seen these lights placed in a bookshelf space, too, and the effect is striking.

    My hand made paper is abaca which is strong and glued into and onto the 1/2" x 1/2" basswood supports. 

    The plant, Lunaria annua, is also called honesty for the silvery pods.

    In South East Asia and the US, it is called money plant, silver dollars or Chinese coins for the dried silvery pods.

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