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Watermelons--what screams SUMMER more than this fruit!!


These custom created scarves were designed for the National Watermelon Conference 2023 which was held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC in February of '23.


I demonstrated live for the conference in which these scarves were made. 


A background of green paints were laid out on the size and then drawn through to mimic the watermelon patch where lusciousness grows. Individual greens were layered inside concentric circles with red being the final color. I had to see the black seeds on the inside of the cut watermelon, so each was individually placed with a stylus point.


A blank white scarf was laid on top of the paint and captured the design.


I washed the scarf first to rid the fabric of manufacturing residue, then soaked the fabric in alum to fix the pigments on the scarf.  The 17th Century process of marbling is a dry garment to wet surface transfer.


After the scarf has been left to drip dry and rest for 7 days, then I carefully wash out the extra gel and paints to return the scarf to it's "soft as silk" nature!


Wear this scarf for fun on a hot summer day!


  • The scarf is 15 x 60", 100% silk habotai scarf.  The fabric is a smooth, airy silk.

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