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2021 was my time to focus…

At the start of the year, my focus was on healing from 2020’s harsh realities of business closing and healing my wrist. So I stepped back from many duties of running a sole prop business including the social media promotions and constant worry about money and booking classes to make rent.

When that happened, I felt at peace and focused on what I truly wanted to do-teaching!

After a long rest, I found studios to teach at—Local Cloth and Aurora Studios, both in Asheville, and John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown. The joy of teaching returned, ahh.

I focused on creating custom colored, marbled scarves which were sold through the Southern Highland Craft Guild galleries in Asheville, Folk Art Center, online, and in Boone along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I found peace knowing that clients were pleased with my products.

I focused on sharing my knowledge of marbling through YouTube vid

eos. I found a unique kind of goofy pleasure with this activity of performing on camera, agonizing over the video edits, and finally publishing the content. The pictures are from different YouTube thumb nails.

In the fall, I focused on learning more about business and how I can improve, expand, and go beyond my comfort level. I participated in Mountain Bizworks “Craft Your Commerce” for entrepreneurs and then in their Alpine Course to scale up my business. It was a perfect fit with cohorts who are supportive of each other. We plan to continue meeting in 2022.

So, what will be 2022’s focus? I don’t know yet but, I am in a better place this year and willing to work hard on finding my own personal studio to teach marbling and create scarves using the above learned skills which I learned in 2021!!

My wish for each and everyone of you is to focus on peace, positivity, and what makes you the happiest in 2022!! Stay in touch!

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