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A World without Color.

On this grey day, I am pondering the earth in black and white. How would humans distinguish between fruits and vegetables just in two values? As a former elementary art teacher, it was my goal to make sure children understood the difference between black and white as values. Commonly both are named as colors by adults and everyone not in the art field. When adding say white to a color it makes the hue lighter and it becomes a tint. Conversely, when black is added, the mixture creates a shade. But back to the matter at hand, how does the below pic of the earth grab you?

Feel free to respond via email. As for me, it is not the most exciting. Just like today is not the most rewarding when I look out the window at the grayness. I think we are in for quite a few days of grey. And do you use grey and gray interchangeably like I do?

Now what about this earth?? I feel the richness of the blue oceans and the dry arid areas of Saudi Arabia and Africa. Then the wispy clouds are visible above it all. I feel more depth in this picture because admittedly, I have become accustomed to seeing in color.

I will be returning to offering monthly blog posts like The Importance of Form. (November 14, 2018 post) So I am warming up with this post. Next month, I'll continue this theme with The Importance of Color.

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