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Are you taking care of your heart?

An ironic question for a marbling artist/teacher to ask, right? And it is the start of February which is well known for everything about love and the heart. So, I teach the most relaxing art form, marbling, which has no right or wrong way to create designs and patterns. Yet, recently, I was having some episodes with my blood pressure. So I am now monitoring it twice a day and learning the specifics of the numbers. If you need to learn more, go to: the American Heart Association page on blood pressure.

I am shooting for readings 130/80 and under. Just in the short time I’ve been recording my numbers, I have observed that if I look at my favorite art works or marbling pieces, my numbers rise because I look and compare the lights and darks and how the painting texture plays over the surface.

If I imagine being at the beach, my numbers are lower because I am letting my mind wander and listen for the waves. Ashby, my son, lives in Charleston and says “Dr. Ocean is calling”. So, true!

Geez, the thing I love the most whether it’s a painting or my marbling patterns, the visuals make me too excited. Though, while actively dropping paint, drawing through the expanded circles, and printing the designs, I feel peaceful and in my happy place. And now that I bring that up, I realize my garage is too cold to even play, so I am sorely missing my marbling playtime!!

So, I will play with marbled papers instead. Send me your easiest book ideas or unique card designs so my hands will stay busy!!

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