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Happy Birthday to Majik

I sit in the studio today excited to celebrate one year of giving art instruction to Asheville residents and lovely tourists to our city!! I can hardly believe it and I remember things I was doing last year like moving in tables and chairs, cutting bamboo a decoration for our 'first' First Friday event, coordinating the artists, an exhibition, reception, and more.

Wow, just wow!! What an accomplishment!! I am so proud to work with Susan Meyer Sinayi, Janice Lape, Stephanie Sipp and Megan Tichy as we cross this milestone!! Together we have laughed and painted and showed up everytime an opening happened to promote our teaching studio!!

We are partying tonight, March 1 beginning at 5 pm with cake, donuts and mimosas!! Come celebrate with us at the Refinery Creator Space, 207 Coxe Ave.

PS. Register for handmade prizes!!

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