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Playing Catch Up!

Well,I am soo behind on blogging. So, I solemnly promise to try to blog once a week from now on.

Right now, I am aggravated at my space bar. I am typing along and look up to see a complete string of letters. ARGH!

I will plunge on. I had a great time last week at the Western Women's Business Center 4th Annual Conference. I connected with other business women and was totally inspired to continue on my journey!! It helped validate my business.

Yesterday was my birthday and the best birthday present I gave myself was to teach 4 delightful ladies here on vacation. Two daughter inlaws with mother-in-law and one grand daughter!! They each thoroughly enjoyed creating a marbled scarf!! The young girl created a marbled t shirt. Watch the IG feed for a picture tomorrow, never mind, I changed my mind.

Well, this has taken twice as long as I wanted it, because I had to separate words for your easy reading pleasure. It won't be so long the next

Kathleen, Erica, Parker, and Deb show their marbled creations.

time I write. Maybe my space bar will cooperate with me!!

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