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Say What?? I'm not charging enough!?

My mind is blown!! I am taking a business course to analyze my financials from every direction. It is quite the eye opener!!

I just found some papers where I was analyzing opening my business, too. It's so important to know your numbers. I found it interesting how naïve I was in the planning and the pricing. I didn't place enough value on what I was teaching. Quite, honestly, I have been marginally involved but not to the extent I need to as I had two different accountants/bookkeepers.

Now, I am seeing some trends and looking at each of my products closely. You probably don't want to hear this, but in 2022, my prices will have to go up. With the cost of supplies, time, and labor figured in, my products are valuable and worthy of the price tag. Also, being a member of the prestigious Southern Highland Craft Guild commands quality and higher prices.

So, the bottom line is to buy my products now before prices go up. That includes my etsy site--marblemajik.

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