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The importance of color and emotion

With the warm weather comes lots of varying shades of yellow in the form of flowers! When gazing on the varieties of yellow I feel happier and more positive about the future. And this is a known fact that colors effect our moods and dispositions as well as our feelings. Yellow is in the warm color family with red and orange. The warm colors can evoke a variety of feelings from the comfort and warmth to anger and hostility.

When red is viewed, it increases one's heart rate and pumps more adrenaline into the body's system. Think about how you feel were extra excited. Still with the warm colors, yellow and orange are often painted on restaurants' walls to increase your appetite! Hmmm, what are your favorite restaurants and what is their color scheme?

Now cool colors of blue, green, and purple give the opposite reactions of a peaceful and calm feeling. Your eye goes to the color green because it is less stressful on the retina and creates less strain on the eye muscles!! Blue is often used in hallways of larger establishments to evoke a calm feeling. What color is your bedroom? Do you want it to feel peaceful? Paint it blue which helps to lower blood pressure and decrease respiration, preparing you for a good night's sleep.

Now let's not leave out my favorite color--purple! Want to get creative? Paint your area purple which is created by using red and blue, two opposing primary colors. Red provides the stimulation for creative thoughts while blue checks in with a calming effect to allow for an energy to produce works. And also, my favorite fact about purple is that it is the color of royalty!! Don't cha just love feeling regal? I know I do.

I hope these ramblings gave you some insight into colors and how they affect your emotions!

Comment and tell me what you would like to know next!

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