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What's New with You?

That's a great question, so what is new with you? Please comment below.

As for me, I have started more activity in my daily routine. This is notable as today is the day I broke my wrist a year ago. I struggle with confidence walking and hiking like I used to have. There is an internal voice that is constantly telling me to be careful, what this trip hazard or that trip hazard. I, my inner voice that is becoming better with all my mobility and I think I am hiding my fear. Ha. You are the judge of that, the people who see me from the outside.

I also started a yoga program through a phone app yesterday. I need someone else telling me what to do. I'm crossing my fingers to stay up with it. Another way I am staying mobile.

I think it helps my mental health too.

And lastly, I am working more and harder around the house. My husband and I are building a fire pit area and it is inspiring. We have picked out flagstone and granite screening. I can't wait to see it complete.

Morning Slice by Susan Meyer Sinyai

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